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1. How often do you publish new 3d objects, images and videos?
 We publish new content weekly.

2. Can I use these images in my projects?
Absolutely, If you have purchased the paid products. All of our content come with a standard Royalty Free license. Some content do have Editorial Use restrictions. To check the license, please refer to the license of the product you bought or downloaded from free content library. 

3. You have lots of branded objects – can I use those in my project?
Branded objects are categorized with Editorial Use restrictions. You may use these objects ONLY for newsworthy, non-commercial projects.

4. Can I share models or footage I’ve downloaded with other people on my team?
Please go through the content license and terms for sharing the product.

5. You don’t have an object I need – can you make it for me?
We do custom jobs based on your requirements. You can contact us with your requirements.

6. Why Should I buy from your website ?
Our range of products we offer on the website are not only unique, but you will find it of high quality, that too within a very affordable pricing.

7. Can I pay for your service using my credit card ?
Our payment system supports Credit Cards.

8. When can I expect my product to be downloaded and ready to use after making the payment ?
After making the purchase you will receive a mail with a link to download the product  and an invoice of your purchase. 

9. Can I use the 3d Models in a software I prefer to use in without any complications.
Yes, We provide our 3d models in global formats like .fbx , .obj etc, You will be able to use the files in a software of your choice like, Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4d, Blender, Houdini, Mixamo, Unity 3D, Unreal engine etc.

10. I am facing problem in downloading my product ?
If you face issue in downloading any product, please reach out to us immediately by using contact form or any social media links.

11. What is custom edits/ adjustments ?
If you wish to modify any model as you want for your project, we customize it for you. It’s a paid service, a quote will be shared according to your requirements.


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